Manic Monday: Small accomplishments

Time for another Manic Monday after a somewhat productive weekend is in the books. I was able to get the house in order with a new purchase and a decision on technology was made as well. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but its important to me moving forward. 

Let’s start with the new purchase for the apartment, a new vacuum cleaner. How adult, right? Well, it is adult but in my world, it was a fun new purchase because it replaces my old one that had recently died. It was a vacuum that I had bought over 9 years ago, so it was a small part of my old college days being taken to the trash compactor. Again, a new household appliance is not that exciting, but it was needed and I was glad a purchase I made blind on Amazon worked out well. Also, Amazon Prime is so damn impressive.

The next move made this weekend was some research on a new cellphone. I am looking to upgrade my phone and I was able to find out how much it will cost to make a move. Long story short, I have some saving to do for that. The other move to be made is to cancel my Sling subscription in two weeks after The Walking Dead is over. The app has been glitchy as hell over the past few weeks despite reloading the app, restarting it, etc. it still runs terrible and for $20 a month, I can’t find the reason to spend that kind of money for it when I use it for background noise most of the time. I have Hulu, Prime and the other free apps like ESPN and others that will be more than enough for TV entertainment. Time to cut the awful app, but I will be waiting for TWD to wrap up before making the move.

Adulting is not that exciting but it has to be done.

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