Reaction: The Walking Dead “Something They Need”

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Here we go, the second to last episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead aired last night titled “Something They Need.” We had multiple story lines going on as all of the players come closer and closer to all out war. Spoilers and plot development ahead. 

Let’s start with Sasha who has been captured and is now in that familiar prison cell in the Sanctuary. She is nearly attacked by one  of Negan’s men, but Negan shows up and executes him because as Negan says, they have rules and that is a no-no. Negan puts on his charm and offers Sasha a truce if she will help him out, but she has to decide. Negan is trying to recruit her because he knows she can be a useful weapon (and she killed several of his men). Eugene later arrives and tries to explain himself as to why he is staying, but Sasha just can’t forgive the crimes Negan has committed. Sasha later gets Eugene to give her the suicide pills and we are not sure what her next move will be. Poison Negan? Kill herself? We are just not sure. It’s really interesting to see how Sasha is handling her new fate while Eugene is taking it all in because they will simply protect him.

Then we turn to Hilltop that is getting along just fine thanks to Maggie directing the people on work. She is becoming a leader even with Gregory watching on. Gregory attempts to talk to her about peace between them, but Maggie is not really buying it. They are attacked by walkers and Gregory can’t take down one and admits he never has. Maggie relays this to Hilltop survivors and they say that is not what they have been told. We all know this guy is a coward and wants to kill Maggie but he just doesn’t have the stones to make the move. He later withdrawals to his house and pulls out his map, plotting a course to the Saviors, exactly what Simon had told him in the previous episode. Is this the little birdie that Negan refers to about the war coming? We are not sure, but the timeline doesn’t quite work for that theory. All we know is Hilltop is being trained to fight, are ready to fight, but just don’t have a leader that has stepped up yet. Maggie can do it, but Gregory is still around.

Finally we get to Rick and team and their heist of Oceanside and its weapons. Tara told Rick about them and the plan is set to take the weapons to complete the deal with Jadis and her junkyard crew. Side note, I think Jadis can’t be trusted at all and might turn on Rick. There are rumors of a scene where she turns the guns on them, so keep that in mind.

Alright, so Tara sneaks into Oceanside while Rick and team set traps to scare off the Oceanside people with explosives, never hurting anyone and making sure they don’t kill anyone. They are able corral everyone and eventually get the Oceanside people to help them put down those lovely barnacle walkers from the sea. Most of Oceanside wants to fight including Cyndie who actually hits her grandmother, Tanya, when she is about to kill Tara. Tanya is against fighting and is in command. It’s tough to watch because you know these ladies can and want to fight, but their old leader just doesn’t want to start a war, preferring to hide out for their remaining days. Rick and team leave and return home, leaving Oceanside behind with zero guns. I feel we will see them again at some point, but the relationship is now strained. Before all of this goes down, Daryl and Jesus talk and we see that Daryl is on the warpath. He wants all the Saviors to die, still holding guilt for what has happened.

Now we get to the real kicker, the person that Rosita brought back from the Saviors is Dwight. Yep, Dwighty boy is in the Alexandria prison and tells Rick he wants to help him take down Negan (Daryl has to be restrained after seeing him). Rick allows this need help but tells Dwight to bow at gun point. We see Rick stepping up and taking a commanding position, turning the Saviors tactics on Dwight to see what he will do.

The season finale is next week and its titled “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” and from the previews, it looks pretty good. Negan is trying to convince Sasha to help him because according to Negan, they need to get things back on track (AKA Rick and team need to stop messing around). Dwight agrees to help slow down Negan, even showing some road blocks that are messing with the Saviors. In the preview we also see Jadis and some of her team in Alexandria, so they are at least at that stage (have to think the attack is multi-prong). And we see the Kingdom marching, although with light numbers with Ezekiel and his royal guard. The season finale should be fun and I just have to think some characters are going to die in this one.


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