Region and hotel (?) picked for Tokyo

Image result for Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon

Maybe, just maybe I have picked the spot.

Alright, I did my homework over the weekend and have come up with the areas of Tokyo I will be staying in when I travel to Japan and even possibly found a hotel that meets all of the requirements for my wants. 

Let’s start with the areas that are now on my list. I had talked about Shibuya, Shinjuku, or even Roppongi as being places that were high on the list. While they all had their benefits, the areas that rose above them were Chiyoda and Ikebukuro. Both are quieter places in Japan with Chiyoda being centrally located near the Imperial palace and Ikebukuro being a quiet suburb in the area, just north of Chiyoda. They are a fast paced, have some better rates, and allow me to retreat to a quiet place after a busy day of being a tourist.

Now for the hotel, well I am really high on a hotel called Hotel Grand Arc Hanzomon. Yep, I finally picked a spot (at least for the moment). It is a big hotel, has multiple rooms, restaurants, is located in Chiyoda, in my price range, and top of all that, it overlooks the Imperial Palace grounds. Now that is one hell of a view. I looked through American Airlines to find this hotel package and the prices were great, so I still have to look through Expedia and others to see the price differences, but I doubt I will see much change overall in the prices.

I will continue to look at prices and other hotels over the next few weeks, but I am setting a date soon to book the trip. Enough messing around, time to book it just after a little more research. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Region and hotel (?) picked for Tokyo

  1. I usually stay in Ikebukuro but it’s not a suburb there is really no center in Tokyo so everything on the yamanote line is in Tokyo. Asakusa is also very quiet and nice.

  2. When I look at a map, I see the Chiyoda area almost like a center because its shares the border with the sea and the rest of the areas are past it, just how I view it.

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