TBT: Power Rangers

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There is a new Power Ranger movie out in theaters right now and the reviews have been pretty solid so far. It’s all new, its action packed, and the new characters are being designed to breath new life into this legendary Japanese series, but for me, I am loyal to the old school series, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I am also beginning to realize how old I am sounding each time I post one of these blogs.

Growing up as a kid, the Power Rangers were a huge favorite of mine. Billy was my favorite, I loved to hate the Green Ranger, had a crush on the Yellow Ranger, and the White Ranger was just a badass when he appeared in the series. If anyone remembers the original rangers then you know why this series was so good. It was a fun action series with teenagers fighting, using karate with powered up suits and weapons, and beating enemies down. Then when things got real tough, they could all the Megazord and take anything down (the sword falling from the sky was so cool to watch). One question that always bothered me though, why did sparks come off of the rangers when they got hit? Seemed weird, but for a show that used cardboard cities, I can let it slide.

Yeah, I’m really show my age once again, but the original Power Rangers will always be the best no matter how good the new movie is.


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