Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 10

Image result for sam the walking dead

His girlfriend wasn’t around for much longer than he was.

Here we go, the top 10 minor characters that have been lost in The Walking Dead that I miss or just found fun/unique. We start with a character that only appeared in two episodes but his mysterious backstory always intrigued me. Meet Sam. 

Rick and Carol run into Sam and his girlfriend Ana at the end of season 4 for a brief episode as they are out looking for supplies (leaving Carol out there as well). They meet the two of them inside a house and nearly shoot them but quickly realize that they are just survivors who are searching for supplies (but doing a poor job of it). Honestly though, they are not armed and are pretty clumsy so you have to wonder how they were able to make it so long, but there they are, offering some fruit to Rick.

Sam is Ana’s boyfriend and they have been together for a while and survived their camp being overrun. Rick gives Sam his watch and a gun and tells him they will join back up after looking for supplies. We get that Rick wants to bring these guys back, but at the end of the episode we see walkers eating Ana and Sam is no where to be seen. What happened?! We heard no gun shot and no sign of Sam after, so its hard to say what really happened to them.

We finally see Sam once again at Terminus, right before he is executed by them. It appears he followed the signs like everyone else did only to find death at the end of the tracks. I wish we actually knew what his story was and what the hell happened to Ana. For a close couple he really didn’t try hard to save her (or maybe he was a Savior escapee?!)


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