Great month in the books

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This is a real short blog this afternoon but I just wanted to put a quick thank you to everyone that has read the blog over the last month. I have put a lot more effort into it and it has been regularly publishing content every week day, something I wanted to accomplish. I decided to drop the full time sports blogging (even though I get the itch every day to fire it back up) and it has really opened up some free time to blog normally on here.

Now as the calendar turns to April, its going to be an even bigger month for me. First, I’ll be launching a campaign to see if anyone wants to team up to join me in Japan in November. This is a far out there idea, but I will at least give it an attempt. I may even add it to my FB which I never use. The biggest thing going on in April is booking the trip. The finances are coming together so its about time to get it done. It will be a busy month of research and the booking will be the biggest thing that I have researched and will take the plunge into making the trip a reality.

Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous to make the purchase. This is a lot of money being thrown around, but its time to do something big for myself.


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