The Walking Dead Reaction: “The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life”

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Here we go, the season finale of season 7 of The Walking Dead titled “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” aired last night and oh man, it was a great way to finally turn up the action and drama before hitting the off-season. 

Spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen it, stop reading and go watch it!

The season finale went down last night as the eventual war finally began as Rick and team, getting “help” from Jadis and her trash crew, formed up in Alexandria with all of their guns as Negan and his team prepared to confront Rick. Negan had said in the last episode a little birdie told him Rick and crew were up to no good, so it was time to deal out punishment. Sasha, who is transported back in a coffin, makes a deal with him to only kill one person, trying to soften the blow. Unknowingly to Negan, Sasha takes one of the suicide pills that Eugene had made, and prepares to become a walker bomb on Negan.

Negan, after getting through a slow down (thanks Dwight), they arrive at the gates, preparing for the show down. Side note, Tara wants Dwight dead and I was surprised Daryl didn’t kill him right there. I know that Dwight plays a larger roll down the road, but man, Daryl held back.

Rick and team are about to set off a bomb to get it all started, but it turns out (NO SURPRISE) that Jadis and her trash crew turn on Rick, turning the guns on them, stating they got a better deal with Negan. God I hate Jadis and her stupid ass haircut. Oh well, when Negan opens the coffin and Sasha attacks him, Carl uses this as a chance to fight back, shooting a few trash collectors, allowing Rick and team to grab weapons and fire back. Rosita is hit, but Tara gets her out safety as the fire fight goes down. Another side note, Michonne won her fight but got the crap beaten out of her in the process.

Meanwhile, before the fire fight begins, we get to see the Kingdom marching with Ezekiel and his royal guard, bringing Morgan along. At Hilltop, Maggie forms up with Jesus to march to Alexandria with Gregory missing (he’s running to the Saviors to squeal).

So back to the fight at Alexandria. Rick and team are overwhelmed and are all lined up as Negan prepares to kill Carl in front of Rick. It gets a little emotional, although not as emotional as Sasha listening to an Ipod and all the sad love songs while she rides in the coffin and of course her flashbacks with Abraham. Another side note, it was great to see Abe one more time in the series even if it was a dream.

Back to the fight, as Negan prepares to kill Carl, gloating and explaining the rules, Ezekiel and his team arrive, crying out that Alexandria won’t fall and all hell breaks lose as Shiva mauls Saviors and Rick and team, along with the Kingdom and Hilltop group, open fire, turning the tables and forcing the Saviors to flee (trash collectors throw smoke bombs to flee as well, such cowards). Several Saviors, trash people, and possibly a few Alexandria folks are killed, but Rick and team are able to score the first victory against Negan, sending him running, and saving Alexandria as they retake control. Its great at the end to see the three communities working together as they team up for patrols.

The last scene is Ezekiel, Rick, and Maggie talking to everyone, preparing them for war (Maggie holding onto the pocket watch is powerful). On the other side, Negan prepares his group for war and they seem eager for it (he’s also watching Eugene now, so his life could be on notice now).

This was a pretty solid finale and thank god we had no cliff hanger. Now we have to wait months until season 8 begins in October and we all know its going to be all out war with the scavengers being a new enemy in the mix. Will Oceanside join the conflict? Who will have the upper hand? Where is Gregory and where is Heath?


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