Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 9

Image result for oscar the walking dead

Not all the prisoner survivors were bad.

Number 9 on the list is a minor character that was introduced in the prison arc, a survivor that turned out to be a good guy. Sadly he lost his life helping Rick and team attack Woodbury. Say hello and goodbye to Oscar. 

So who is Oscar? Oscar was a prisoner that was locked up in the giant prison that Rick and his team break into while looking for sanctuary. Oscar and a handful of others inside the prison had been locked in there since the break out had gone down and he had no idea what happened to the world.

While the other prisoners turned on Rick, Oscar and another (later on for him), decided to help Rick. The picture above is when Oscar takes the gun that had been stolen from Rick. Instead of killing Rick, he returns it to him and helps when the walkers and roaming the prison, assisting and proving to be an ally to the group.

Oscar looses his life when Rick and his team break into Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. He is gunned down by someone as he tries to get back over the wall, never making it back. Rick and crew are not able to rescue or at least give him a proper burial, so that is how he dies, right there is the streets, sacrificing himself to help strangers he had barely known. I was kind of sad he died because he was a big, tough dude that seemed ready and able to fight. He probably could have helped when the Governor came back, but his time was up.


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