Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 8

Image result for gareth the walking dead

He wasn’t the worst enemy Rick and team have ever dealt with.

Number 8 on my short list is going to anger a lot of people but I think despite how evil the character was, there was a tragic story behind him. Number 8 on my list is the leader of Terminus, Gareth. To me, as bad as Gareth was, his story was a sad one and we really only got a little background on this one. 

So most characters that are lost are usually good guys and we miss them. But for this round, I wanted to shake it up and turn it over to a bad guy that was short lived in the series and who I felt could have had a longer story.

Gareth was the leader of Terminus, the sanctuary that everyone was headed to during season 4. It sounded ideal and when the first group arrives it looks like paradise. We later learn that Terminus is not what it appears, instead its a last stop for anyone that arrives as Gareth and his team are all about using cannibalism to survive. Yeah, they are evil as hell and deserve to be taken down but in Gareth’s final moments in front of Rick we get to see that there was a reason they had turned so insane (also in flashback scenes as well).

Gareth’s group had been taken over, beaten, tortured, and pushed over the edge by another group at some point. They had gone from a friendly, welcoming group to what they were. Once they had gotten freedom, they turned evil to make sure no one would ever take them over again. Gareth was simply a man doing what he thought was right to keep this group alive against all enemies that made there way to Terminus. He had made a promise they would never suffer like that again.

I wish we had more of Gareth. You could tell he was an evil man that was charismatic, powerful and could have been a bad guy that could have had more screen time and push Rick and team even further, but they got to meet Carol instead and we all know how that goes.


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