Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 7

Image result for denise the walking dead

Next on the list is a character that was taken away too soon and we later learn it was an accident she died. Say hello and good bye to the part-time medic of Alexandria, Denise. 

Denise is a psychiatrist that is living in Alexandria, but later takes over as their main doctor.  At first she is overwhelmed, but after saving a few lives, she gains confidence and takes a commanding lead. She even picks up a love interest with Tara. She is a solid character and shows her strength after dealing with the Wolf survivor that came after her.

Her death is very sad because she is out with Daryl and Rosita looking for supplies. She is starting to really gain strength and confidence and with Daryl and Rosita, we should think she would be safe, but Dwight fires an arrow, killing her on impact. We later learn the shot was meant for Daryl but Dwight isn’t the best shot in the world. This is a major blow to the group because they had all grown to like Denise, knew how important she was, and was just another blow to their group showing that they can be killed at any point because of the Saviors.

It affects Rosita, Daryl and of course Tara who is actually out scouting for supplies with Heath, only to come back and learn that her new love interest is now dead. Side note, everyone that Tara has fallen for has died with a shot to the head, so just noting that one moving forward. When Denise was killed, I looked at it from the practical stand point that the team no longer had a doctor on sight. This is important to note because if it wasn’t for Denise, Carl probably dies after being shot in the face.

She was a growing character, but as we always see, a character that is coming into their own, usually will be taken away from us because that is just how this TWD world works.

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