Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 6

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The next character on the list is kind of a good character but also a little evil, depending on how you view her. I am talking about the leader of the last hold outs in Atlanta, Dawn and her police force. 

Dawn is the leader of a police force that has taken over Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. They are in full uniform and have the hospital running as best as they can, making runs to clear walkers and pick up anyone needing medical help. They seem like a solid group, but Dawn runs the place with an iron fist and just eating food puts you in debt you have to work yourself out of. Its a never ending cycle that she has put together.

Dawn’s group helps Beth, but later on become an enemy group that Rick and team have to deal with, ending with both Beth and Dawn dying because she refuses to make a deal with Rick and team. She is set in her ways and will not change, fearing any change could take down her rule and fracture what they have put together in the hospital. They actually believe that help will come, holding onto hope that they will get some aid at some point. Boy, someone didn’t see the Air Force torching the city earlier I guess.

To me Dawn is a tragic character. She is a cruel, cold leader, but when you learn about her past, what she has done and what she is trying to do, she is actually a solid leader that is in a desperate situation. She is a lone leader, surrounded by the decaying ruins of Atlanta. She tries to keep the peace, tries to keep everything going, but inside knowing that she could snap like her old boss. The only way, in her eyes, this place survives is by being a cold leader. Its sad to see, but they are just trying to keep the peace and survive. She can’t be weak or others will see it as a sign of weakness.

People either love or hate Dawn, I find myself right in the middle with her at the end of the day. She was not an evil leader like the Gov, Gareth, or even Negan, she is just someone in over their head that makes a bad move at the end.


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