Tensions high in Asia

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Tensions are very high right now in Asia, specifically off the coast of North Korea as the United States maneuvers the USS Carl Vinson, a massive aircraft carrier, along with 3 other ships, into the area. North Korea is angered by this move but now it appears the Japanese could be joining the task force with some of its own navy.

So per all the reports, it appears North Korea is close to another nuclear test which could happen any day. This is worrisome and has angered the international community including the United States which has sent the Carl Vinson and supporting ships to the region on “routine patrol” in the region. North Korea sees the deployment of the US forces as a provocation. So North Korea is angered, US is talking tough, and China is trying to defuse the situation, pushing for peace, but in reality has deployed thousands of more troops to the N. Korean border just in case.

There is a lot going on here. For one, the US has always been searching for a way to disarm N. Korea and for years sanctions have been the way to trying to slow them down, but it has never worked. Instead, N. Korea has continued to develop missiles and even nuclear capabilities. This is scary because of how unpredictable and dangerous their leadership is. Now as the new administration in the US continues to show the rest of the world how they will handle these international situations, they are showing some force, and its scary.

Look at the current playing field. US has war ships off the N. Korean cost, N. Korea is about to conduct a test which is against international laws and will be done in front of the new US administration, an act of defiance. The Chinese military is at the N. Korean border because it knows if their was an incident, the refugees would flee north, and now the Japanese are moving some ships to join the US fleet and even today Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is telling his own people that the N. Koreans could have chemical weapons.

This is all very concerning because we have leadership across multiple nations, including the US, that are pretty unpredictable What happens if and when N. Korea does its test? What happens if they fire another test missile? How will the US respond? How will its actions affect Japan, S. Korea, and China?

The entire thing is very complex with so many moving parts its hard to keep up with all of them and then we have leadership that just adds fuel to the fire. Keep an eye on this one, one move can cause a lot of issues for so many others.


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