Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 5

Image result for milton the walking dead

Number 5 on the list goes back to season 3 when the Governor was the bad guy and Woodbury was a big community. Meet the resident nerd and scientist of Woodbury, Milton. 

Milton is the resident nerd of Woodbury, doing experiments for the Governor and providing him with research, information, and sometimes council, although the good old Gov does whatever he wants. Milton is a nerd that has been thrown into a position of power and is given freedom to do what he wants, but also lives in fear because of the Gov and knows what the man is capable (almost like Eugene a bit later in the series).

A lot of people either hate Milton, love him, or just don’t care for the guy. I mean, he tries to use sound and memory games with a dying old man to see if he can return him once he turns. Yeah, it doesn’t work out (thanks Andrea for saving him), but he is at least working. I personally love the guy because he is that nerd that is trying to do something, even though he is out of his league at this stage of the game. He has to work hard to make everyone believe he is a great scientist when really he is kind of useless in the larger scheme of the world.

Milton is truly a tragic character at the end. He doesn’t want the eventual war with Rick vs. the Gov, but knows he can’t speak out or risk being killed. Instead he works behind the scenes, trying to slow the Gov down and trying to help out Andrea. He is killed at the end by the Gov after he is figured out and is ultimately the reason Andrea dies but he truly was a good person even if the group he was with was just awful, well at least its one eyed leader.


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