Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 4

Image result for axel the walking dead

So number 4 on the list brings us back to the survivors of the prison back in season three, this time this character does not survive for every long but could have been a solid character if he survived. Say a quick hello and goodbye to Axel. 

Axel is one of the two survivors of the prisoner group that is allowed to live, along with Oscar. Axel is a mild-manner man, cowering when faced with Rick and his anger. He expresses he was not part of group that is trying to kill Rick, he is simply a junkie that found himself with this group and was just a survivor because he was a lucky guy. This is all true, from what little we know about the TV show adaptation, he is not a bad guy, just his past drug life got him into this prison (might have saved his life vs. the outbreak and being on the outside).

Axel seems like a decent guy, trying to make fun and crack jokes with Rick and team. He offers to help Daryl with his motorcycle, which is laughed at by Oscar, but to me it was a legit offer and an attempt to reach out. You can see this is just a simple guy, someone who got arrested, and is lucky to be alive and is simply trying to reach out to be included because we wants to be part of that group. He even states that the cell block they stay in is creepy and does not want to be in there. He wants to be with people and not alone. He is clear, he wants to be part of Rick’s group and will smile and try to help any way he can.

Axel dies in a very sad way. He is actually starting to warm up to the group and is carrying on a nice conversation with Carol (before she turns dark) and it seems Carol is taking a liking to the guy. Just as they seem to be getting along, Axel is killed, shot in the head, by the Governor, who is visiting the prison before he launches his major assault. It’s a sad ending to a character that could have been fun and also had a fantastic mustache.

Ah, gotta love the Gov.


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