Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 3

Image result for martinez the walking dead

Next on the list is a character that was an evil go-to man for the Governor but later on became a leader and then was killed by the Gov after he wanted power back. Say hello to the right hand man of the Gov, Caesar Martinez. 

Martinez at the beginning in season 3 is the right hand man of the Gov, doing anything he needs him to, and becoming almost like a general. He is a good fighter, controls the defenses, goes on missions, and even gets into the fight club that the people of Woodbury seem to love, even when Andrea is against it.

Even when the Gov attacks the prison, Martinez is right there with him. Before that even begins though, when Rick and the Gov are having their meeting, he has a few minutes with Daryl and we get to see he is just a guy that has lost his loved ones and wants to survive while killing the dead. He isn’t that bad, he is simply doing what he has to do to make it with the Gov and knows he has power as long as the Gov is able to stay in command.

Now after the Gov snaps, Martinez leaves him in the night and takes command of another group of survivors, only later meeting up with the Gov once again, but this time Martinez is the leader and the former Gov is just some guy that has to take orders from him. This all proves to be too much for the Gov who ends up killing Martinez, unable to deal with the fact that he is no longer in control, its just something he cannot deal with. Seriously, being thrown into a pit of walkers is a pretty bad way to go.

I think Martinez could have been a great ally if he had been in Rick’s group. He was just like Daryl and could have been a great fighter, especially after watching the end of season 7, when Rick needs all the fighters he can get his hands.


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