Manic Monday: Lunch

Image result for lunch at work

So this is going to be a random Manic Monday blog because I am reaching out to those who work the 8 to 5 life and grind through each day. I want to ask, what do you take for lunch on a daily basis?

I have tried taking salads in with cut up lunch meat before (not just iceberg lettuce, mixed greens and such), but those are not filling at all and quite honestly, don’t taste that great without a lot of dressing. It’s simple to make, but not that great. I have tried to make basic sandwiches, but honestly, they burn out fast and not being able to get a bag of chips that is decent size at the grocery store is flat out annoying.

So throwing it out to social media and fellow bloggers, what kind of lunch do you throw together? I want to keep the budget in check but also pack something that is decent during the week, so all suggestions are all welcomed.

This is a very random blog and not the norm of the Monday blogs, but I wanted to ask the internet for an answer (This should be interesting).


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