Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 2

Image result for dr. edwin jenner the walking dead

The top two on my list where really hard to pick. This one could have been on the top of the list, but instead, he sits here at number two. Say a quick hello to one of the lone doctors we have seen in The Walking Dead universe and one of the few that ever knew what the virus was, the last man at the CDC, Dr. Edwin Jenner. 

Dr. Jenner is seen in just one episode, the first season of TWD series, in the final episode as Rick and the beginning of his team, made their was to the CDC looking for shelter and answers. This was when the outbreak had just really beginning and they were still not sure where to go and actually thought there were places to go, which included the CDC, even against Shane and his pressure to head to a military base.

The group arrives and finds the lone doctor, Jenner, still holding out in the CDC, still working despite all of the other doctors either taking their own lives or leaving their desks to flee to family. We learn that Jenner is working in honor of his dead wife who lost her life to the virus. Jenner knows he is working against the clock, but its all he really has left in the world. He will work until the clock runs out as Rick and team learn about the CDC. Yeah, the CDC blows up after the generators run out. It’s a sad end for the CDC, but its how it operates and Jenner is ready for it to happen.

Jenner is a very important character, he is the first character to reveal at the beginning of the series that this outbreak is world wide. He mentions that the French were the closest to find the cure, but that is the last group that was close to finding a cure before they went dark (power went out and yeah, we know what happened to them). He is unsure if its a virus, a plague or even God, but he explains that its the end. He ends his life, staying in the CDC as it goes up in flames, telling Rick (later revealed) that everyone has the virus and leaving the chilling words “there will come a day when you will wish you had stayed here” (or something along those lines). He is a tragic character that was kind of the last symbol of the old world and science that is about to go down.

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