Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 1

Image result for otis the walking dead

Here we are, the top minor character in The Walking Dead series that we have lost during the history of the series. While I could have easily put Dr. Edwin Jenner here, the character holding the top spot changed the course of history for his group and the direction the series would take. Here is number one, Otis. 

Otis is a farm hand on the Herschel Greene farm when the crew meets him in season two. Rick and Shane meet him after he shoots a deer, but in doing so, the round strikes Carl, nearly killing him. Otis leads Rick and Shane to the Greene farm where Herschel and his family are able to save Carl’s life and in doing so, they unite with Rick and his team.

Let’s be real honest, if Otis does not accidentally shoot Carl, they may never cross paths with him out on the wild. Rick and his team had just fled the CDC after it blew up. They are on the road, trying to get to what they hope is the last military base, but are stuck in a graveyard of cars with the walkers all around. It’s how the series is written, but if they stay on the road you would have to think they would not have made it after some time, its how the world works in TWD. They would have never met Herschel and his family, who become key parts of the series.

Otis after shooting Carl lives his life in remorse, he feels awful for the accident and will do anything to help save the kid. Shane and Otis leave to get medical supplies to save Carl’s life and Shane kills Otis to not only save his own life but to cause a distraction from the walkers at the FEMA depot to get away with those medical supplies. It is such an awful way for a minor character to die. He made a mistake and is willing to risk his life to save a stranger, but in the end gets killed by a complete jerk in Shane. I always hated Shane and after this, I couldn’t wait for someone to take down that punk.

I loved Otis, he was just a solid guy, made a mistake and was completely betrayed after giving his everything to save a mistake he had made. At least Shane got what was coming to him from Carl later on. Irony, right?

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