Moving to a new home

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Hello blog readers, as I stated a few times last week, I am changing things up for this blog and well, it’s time to make a move. I am moving all of the writing over to a new platform, starting fresh. It is titled: Matt of Mind.

If you enjoy the blog and all of the randomness of it, please follow, like, and subscribe to the new blog platform. I wanted to get a fresh start for my writing and instead of tweaking this blog and spinning my wheels on what to do, I simply decided on a fresh start. So please, follow the other blog and thanks for always reading!

The Rays Corner: Rays fall to Toronto in frustrating game

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The Rays, 16-17, fell 2 to 1 in a pitching battle to end the series against the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays took two out of three against the good guys as this club continues to go a step forward and then one back.  Continue reading

Change is coming starting on Monday

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So I posted a blog the other day about change and yes, change is coming. I am using this weekend to get something special started. I will have a blog explaining it all on Monday.

What is it exactly? It will be something I have tried before in the past, but did not have the right direction for it, didn’t have a clear vision, and went away from it. Well, now I do have a stronger vision for it and I think by spending some time this weekend, I can get it done the right way this time around.

This is going to be a shift, will take a lot of work, and is a crazy idea, but I’m jumping into it and going to stick with it.

So another quick side note, the Rays Corner report is going to be affected by this move (won’t say much else about it), so this is what will happen. I will be posting three Rays Corner reports this weekend to keep up with the team (hopefully beating Toronto) and then moving to the new project on Monday and starting a new cycle there. Again, lot’s of changes are coming so please stay tuned.

Change is coming

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I almost forgot to get a blog put together for today because I am rethinking the entire blog format that I have right now. I am talking about the appearance, what is covered, blog name, social media name, etc.

The blog is not what I want it to be and to be honest, I am not sure how to re-do in its current form. I feel as if a clean start is needed. A new name, a new view, and a new mental approach to it all are due because the results and what I want my blog to be just have not come together. What do I have in mind for the blog? Well, I have ideas, but nothing I can really put a pen to.

Change is coming to this blog, for that I am sure. I need something to light the fire big time and get me going the way I want to. Stay tuned.