About Me

My name is Matt, I live in Tampa, Florida and built this blog as a fun place to talk about travel, music, the city of Tampa, personal interests, and anything else that I come across.

This blog was originally designed to document my trip to Japan in 2015, but as time went on, I wanted to do more than just talk travel and planning. I wanted to talk about my passions and things I follow closely, but wanted to put it all in one platform. I had been operating a few blogs, being spread thin at times, and not having a cohesive platform for everything I was writing and talking about. So I decided to pull all of my sports, travel, and random talk into one blog, the USF Matt blog. I know have a place where I can talk shop about anything and have it under one roof. Thanks for joining along!

(Note: All opinions expressed on this site are mine only)


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. We have been to Japan a few times now. We just spent 9 days in Tokyo (before the typhoon came along) and will be putting up some posts on travelling around Tokyo. Keep an eye out if you wish.

  2. Great blog and its a small world hearing you lived in the Tampa area and then headed to Japan. Awesome stuff there!

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