Moving to a new home

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Hello blog readers, as I stated a few times last week, I am changing things up for this blog and well, it’s time to make a move. I am moving all of the writing over to a new platform, starting fresh. It is titled: Matt of Mind.

If you enjoy the blog and all of the randomness of it, please follow, like, and subscribe to the new blog platform. I wanted to get a fresh start for my writing and instead of tweaking this blog and spinning my wheels on what to do, I simply decided on a fresh start. So please, follow the other blog and thanks for always reading!


Japanese Navy making a move

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This is an interesting move and a first by the Japanese Navy. The Japanese largest ship, the Izumo, is being directed to guide a US supply ship as it approaches the Japanese islands for refueling. The supply ship is part of the USS Carl Vinson strike force that is finally in the Sea of Japan (if the reports are correct this time around).

So why is this a interesting move? Well, it is the first time since the Japanese amended their Constitution in regards to protecting allies (before we only permitted to use for defense of Japan), that they will be using their military to protect a foreign ally. This is a sign from the Japanese to both N. Korea and to the allies that are putting together a small fleet in the area that Japan is on board with all of the moves. Right now the USS Carl Vinson, two destroyers, a cruiser, a guided-missile sub, a French vessel, and possibly others are all in the area as a show of force in this highly tense region and now Japan is throwing its hat in the mix.

This thing is going under the radar of the main stream news because, well, let’s face it, Washington DC is pretty busy with all sorts of crazy news at this time. It’s not often that you would send your largest ship to escort an allies supply ship. Something to note.

Tensions high in Asia

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Tensions are very high right now in Asia, specifically off the coast of North Korea as the United States maneuvers the USS Carl Vinson, a massive aircraft carrier, along with 3 other ships, into the area. North Korea is angered by this move but now it appears the Japanese could be joining the task force with some of its own navy. Continue reading

RIP Charlie Murphy

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Was in a work meeting all day so have been out of the news cycle today until now and man, this sucks. There is a lot going on in the world, but I just wanted to take a quick second to say, RIP Charlie Murphy. Murphy, age 57, lost a battle against Leukemia as being reported by the media, something I had not heard about. Cancer sucks, is an awful thing, and its taken another person. Murphy was a comedic legend beyond just the Chapelle show. The guy was flat out funny, holds a place in my heart because he brought joy and laughter to me, and now he is gone. RIP to a great comedian.

Fear and an SOS

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It’s all a little daunting.

I’m not afraid to admit, I have some fear. I have never booked any kind of trip like this before, especially to a foreign country. And with the possibility of traveling solo, I have legit fear so I felt it was necessary to put my thoughts into a blog and express what is running through my mind. Continue reading