Change is coming starting on Monday

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So I posted a blog the other day about change and yes, change is coming. I am using this weekend to get something special started. I will have a blog explaining it all on Monday.

What is it exactly? It will be something I have tried before in the past, but did not have the right direction for it, didn’t have a clear vision, and went away from it. Well, now I do have a stronger vision for it and I think by spending some time this weekend, I can get it done the right way this time around.

This is going to be a shift, will take a lot of work, and is a crazy idea, but I’m jumping into it and going to stick with it.

So another quick side note, the Rays Corner report is going to be affected by this move (won’t say much else about it), so this is what will happen. I will be posting three Rays Corner reports this weekend to keep up with the team (hopefully beating Toronto) and then moving to the new project on Monday and starting a new cycle there. Again, lot’s of changes are coming so please stay tuned.

Change is coming

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I almost forgot to get a blog put together for today because I am rethinking the entire blog format that I have right now. I am talking about the appearance, what is covered, blog name, social media name, etc.

The blog is not what I want it to be and to be honest, I am not sure how to re-do in its current form. I feel as if a clean start is needed. A new name, a new view, and a new mental approach to it all are due because the results and what I want my blog to be just have not come together. What do I have in mind for the blog? Well, I have ideas, but nothing I can really put a pen to.

Change is coming to this blog, for that I am sure. I need something to light the fire big time and get me going the way I want to. Stay tuned.

Another Walking Dead blog series coming

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I just completed a top 10 blog series counting down my favorite minor characters that have been lost in the Walking Dead series. That was fun, but its time to go through another list of characters, that are still minor, but are still alive and well (as best they can) in TWD world. Number 7 will be up first in this short blog series but it should be fun. I hope everyone enjoys.

Japanese Navy making a move

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This is an interesting move and a first by the Japanese Navy. The Japanese largest ship, the Izumo, is being directed to guide a US supply ship as it approaches the Japanese islands for refueling. The supply ship is part of the USS Carl Vinson strike force that is finally in the Sea of Japan (if the reports are correct this time around).

So why is this a interesting move? Well, it is the first time since the Japanese amended their Constitution in regards to protecting allies (before we only permitted to use for defense of Japan), that they will be using their military to protect a foreign ally. This is a sign from the Japanese to both N. Korea and to the allies that are putting together a small fleet in the area that Japan is on board with all of the moves. Right now the USS Carl Vinson, two destroyers, a cruiser, a guided-missile sub, a French vessel, and possibly others are all in the area as a show of force in this highly tense region and now Japan is throwing its hat in the mix.

This thing is going under the radar of the main stream news because, well, let’s face it, Washington DC is pretty busy with all sorts of crazy news at this time. It’s not often that you would send your largest ship to escort an allies supply ship. Something to note.

Manic Monday: Thinking

So having restarted my stand alone USF blog, I find myself at the crossroads again, how to put all of the blog stuff into one area. I know, I have talked about this a hundred times and have attempted it before on this blog seeing some really high numbers in readership, but after some time, the blog in my eyes the blog was just everywhere, trying to cover everything.

I have done this before, but here we are again as I try to really ramp up my blog but also put it under one umbrella instead of two sites that will be pulling away views from each other. Why do I keep doing this? I have been here before, but yet again as I write this up on Sunday afternoon (always revamping it before posting on Monday), thinking about it.

What would the new site be called? Do I start a completely new site to start fresh? What would I call it and what would I do with my social media stuff? USF Matt does quite leave me able to cover the Rays, Japan, and everything else that would be on a crazy blog like I am thinking. I know it can be done, I just have to figure it out.

Maybe this goes nowhere or maybe my blogging changes for ever in the near future, so stay tuned on that.

TBT: The Fast and the Furious

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The newest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise came out last week, The Fate of the Furious. It has been getting great reviews and its something I’ll probably go see because I love the movies, but it made me think about the original, The Fast and the Furious.

The original movie with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel opened up in theaters back in 2001, 16 years ago. The first movie had the Supra dragging down the street as Jordana Brewster watched. The original movie was all about the underground world of drag racing and working for a crime family. It’s crazy to look back at the first movie when Honda Civics were being used to rob VCRs out of a truck compared to the insane action scenes we have today. I mean, The Rock is being chased by a nuclear sub in the new movie, yeah, we have come a long way from the first movie.

Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 1

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Here we are, the top minor character in The Walking Dead series that we have lost during the history of the series. While I could have easily put Dr. Edwin Jenner here, the character holding the top spot changed the course of history for his group and the direction the series would take. Here is number one, Otis.  Continue reading