Moving to a new home

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Hello blog readers, as I stated a few times last week, I am changing things up for this blog and well, it’s time to make a move. I am moving all of the writing over to a new platform, starting fresh. It is titled: Matt of Mind.

If you enjoy the blog and all of the randomness of it, please follow, like, and subscribe to the new blog platform. I wanted to get a fresh start for my writing and instead of tweaking this blog and spinning my wheels on what to do, I simply decided on a fresh start. So please, follow the other blog and thanks for always reading!

Top 7 N64 Games: Number 1

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007 Golden Eye is largely considered the greatest game on the N64 console, but to me, there is another game that beats it out. It’s one of the best series Nintendo has ever put together and everyone knows the iconic young character with the green hat. Meet Link and the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Continue reading

Top 7 N64 Games: Number 3

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Like I said, getting back to it! Time to fire up the top seven lists and return to the top seven N64 games of all time.

Number three on the list takes us into an epic space battle with a squad of interesting fighters as they battle to save the Lylat system. Hope into your space ships and join the crew for Star Fox 64.  Continue reading