Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 7

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Next on the list is a character that was taken away too soon and we later learn it was an accident she died. Say hello and good bye to the part-time medic of Alexandria, Denise.  Continue reading

Top 10 Minor Walking Dead Characters Lost: Number 8

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He wasn’t the worst enemy Rick and team have ever dealt with.

Number 8 on my short list is going to anger a lot of people but I think despite how evil the character was, there was a tragic story behind him. Number 8 on my list is the leader of Terminus, Gareth. To me, as bad as Gareth was, his story was a sad one and we really only got a little background on this one.  Continue reading

New Walking Dead blog series coming

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The top list series of blogs is coming back with a fury. I am done with Bleach (nothing left to talk about!) and am deciding to go with The Walking Dead, starting with a 10 part of series of minor characters that are now dead but were either unique, played a key role, or were just odd enough to make them fan favorites.

The blogs will be real brief since most of these characters had such minor roles or even less developed backstories, but each make my list for particular reasons. Will someone like Otis make the list? Axel from the prison or perhaps even Gareth from Terminus? All of a chance to make the list and I should say the list will be random and will not going season by season, instead picking out the characters that just come to mind. I hope you enjoy the series and I hope to get it started this week!