TBT: Goosebumps

Image result for goosebumpsTime for some fun with a TBT. I decided to go back into my childhood and look back at Goosebumps! Yes, the books written by RL Stine way back in the day were some of my favorites growing up.

For those who don’t know (darn kids), Goosebumps was a series of horror books designed for kids. They were meant to be scary, creepy, but not over the top. It was something that would scare a kid and would be fine for a parent. The line of books eventually became a TV series on Nickelodeon, bringing the scary books to life. The TV series was pretty good, but the books were always the best.

I recall the Revenge of the Living Dummy as one of the books that scared me as a kid. I thought my toys would come to life like they did in the book, something that was a little unsettling for someone that was 7 or 8 years old. Stine was a master and these books were a lot of fun to read growing up.