TBT: Lord of the Rings

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Ah, Lord of the Rings. This was/is one of the greatest series of movies in my living history. The image above if from Return of the King which, good lord, came out in 2003. Yeah, 14 years ago it came out and when it comes on TNT or TBS, I will still put it on no matter how many times I have seen it.

I love these movies because they are epic on so many levels. The story is great as Frodo and the ring make their way to Mordor but to me, the battles are the best. I love the war scenes as the Orcs, men, elves, and a dwarf all battle it out to save Middle Earth. The Return of the King has arguably the biggest battle in the entire series with Rohan riding to save Gondor. It is so epic as the horse lords ride into the Orcs and save the day, if only for a short time. They are doing well before those elephants get called it. The movies are so good and even after 14 years, they are still great even compared to what rolls out of Hollywood these days.