Top Seven Saddest Moments in Bleach: Number 1

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Here we are, the saddest moment in the Bleach series. Rukia leaving Ichigo to head back to the Soul Society in the beginning of the series. Its tough to watch even after all these years and at first glance, you think Rukia is turning on Ichigo, but instead, she saved his life while giving up hers.

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Last Bleach Series coming!

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I’ve written a lot of blogs about my beloved Bleach series in the past. I’ve done my favorite captains, my favorite non-captains, my favorite episodes in the anime, and just wrapped up my most hated characters in the series. So the last series of Bleach blogs will be about some of the saddest moments of the anime series.

Yes, aside from fighting, drama, and humor, Bleach did have some sad and tear-inducing moments. Ichigo losing his powers, Rukia accepting her execution, even Gin and his real plan (and his end). All were heart-tugging moments and I’ll be going through my top 7. Stay tuned and see if you agree with me about some of the more deep and sadder moments of the series.

For the record, unless I get some kind of brilliant idea, this will be the last Bleach blog series. I have exhausted the series and with both the anime and manga now over, there just isn’t any new material to run through.