Manic Monday: Thinking

So having restarted my stand alone USF blog, I find myself at the crossroads again, how to put all of the blog stuff into one area. I know, I have talked about this a hundred times and have attempted it before on this blog seeing some really high numbers in readership, but after some time, the blog in my eyes the blog was just everywhere, trying to cover everything.

I have done this before, but here we are again as I try to really ramp up my blog but also put it under one umbrella instead of two sites that will be pulling away views from each other. Why do I keep doing this? I have been here before, but yet again as I write this up on Sunday afternoon (always revamping it before posting on Monday), thinking about it.

What would the new site be called? Do I start a completely new site to start fresh? What would I call it and what would I do with my social media stuff? USF Matt does quite leave me able to cover the Rays, Japan, and everything else that would be on a crazy blog like I am thinking. I know it can be done, I just have to figure it out.

Maybe this goes nowhere or maybe my blogging changes for ever in the near future, so stay tuned on that.


Manic Monday: Lunch

Image result for lunch at work

So this is going to be a random Manic Monday blog because I am reaching out to those who work the 8 to 5 life and grind through each day. I want to ask, what do you take for lunch on a daily basis?

I have tried taking salads in with cut up lunch meat before (not just iceberg lettuce, mixed greens and such), but those are not filling at all and quite honestly, don’t taste that great without a lot of dressing. It’s simple to make, but not that great. I have tried to make basic sandwiches, but honestly, they burn out fast and not being able to get a bag of chips that is decent size at the grocery store is flat out annoying.

So throwing it out to social media and fellow bloggers, what kind of lunch do you throw together? I want to keep the budget in check but also pack something that is decent during the week, so all suggestions are all welcomed.

This is a very random blog and not the norm of the Monday blogs, but I wanted to ask the internet for an answer (This should be interesting).


Manic Monday: Emotion

Image result for landing narita japan

Japan talk on the blog has cooled down quite a bit, which is my fault. Work is still going but the amount of Japan blogs have dropped. I just have not had enough to put together for a cohesive blog to post on the page, so thus, it has been quiet. I need to change that and simply get my ass moving. The end of the month is fast approaching and the goal I set for myself draws closer with it.

So about the title of this quick Monday blog, I watched a video last night of a guy visiting Tokyo and going to a few places I am wanting to add to my dream list. And honestly while watching this video, I got a little tear in my eye and felt some emotion stir up. Why did that happen? Well, I’m not really sure, but if I had to guess its I saw my dream right before my eyes and it seems so far away. This trip is daunting to me, I will up front about that. I have repeatedly said I am afraid to travel alone and to go to such a different country on my own, but I have to find that courage and just make it happen. I am a grown adult that has a dream and I will see it done.

Manic Monday: Things coming together

Here we go, the start of a very busy work/home week. Work wise, I’ll be attending some intense training during the week as my company moves over to new software. It should be interesting and I look forward to the new technology moving forward. But enough about that, on the home side of things, I am hoping that the financial side of my life becomes more clear and the eventual booking of Japan draws ever closer.

So what does that all mean? Well, this weekend had a lot of moving parts when it came to finances. Money moving to savings, money being added, and more being spent. I am hoping early in the week the banks and transactions will all catch up and I will have a better sense of what is left to save for Japan and where the savings plan for the new cell phone is going. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I am attempting to save my pennies away for a new phone, converting to the Iphone side of things after using an Android device for years. Yeah, lot of financial stuff going on, but it all goes toward the bigger plans months away.