Japan: Institute for Nature Study

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Yeah, a nature preserve in the middle of a concrete jungle, the Institute for Nature Study sits right next to Meguro in Tokyo. This might be something to add to the Tokyo trip, if I ever get my butt moving and book it already!



Institute of Nature Study in Tokyo

Looks like Central Park in New York City, an area of green in the urban jungle. But the Institute of Nature Study is not a park at all, its a nature preserve.

The Institute of Nature Study, sitting near Meguro Station in Tokyo, is a nature preserve in the bustling city of Tokyo. It has various trails that take visitors through different ecosystems of Japan. For only 300 Yen, it looks like a nice little retreat from the craziness that is Tokyo and allows people to take a walk and take in some of the natural beauty of Japan.

Has anyone ever visited it while in Tokyo? I’d love to hear your story and how it went!