Tensions high in Asia

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Tensions are very high right now in Asia, specifically off the coast of North Korea as the United States maneuvers the USS Carl Vinson, a massive aircraft carrier, along with 3 other ships, into the area. North Korea is angered by this move but now it appears the Japanese could be joining the task force with some of its own navy. Continue reading

RIP Charlie Murphy

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Was in a work meeting all day so have been out of the news cycle today until now and man, this sucks. There is a lot going on in the world, but I just wanted to take a quick second to say, RIP Charlie Murphy. Murphy, age 57, lost a battle against Leukemia as being reported by the media, something I had not heard about. Cancer sucks, is an awful thing, and its taken another person. Murphy was a comedic legend beyond just the Chapelle show. The guy was flat out funny, holds a place in my heart because he brought joy and laughter to me, and now he is gone. RIP to a great comedian.

Speak out

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I’m keeping another political blog short and simple, speak out. There is a lot going on out there, there is a lot of anger towards policies, towards ideas, and towards what is going on. Take that energy and turn it towards your representatives, be heard! Call, email, write, tweet, etc. to your Senators and State Representatives. Speak up, they are in power because we voted them into power. They are suppose to be our voice, so be heard and make them listen. It’s how our democracy is suppose to function, so be heard.

End rant.

Note on this Hurricane

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Unless you live under a rock, you know about this incredible hurricane off the east coast that is headed towards Florida. I wanted to post this quick blog as a note/message to folks on the east coast of Florida. Get to shelter or gear up because this storm is a monster. The storm is still a category three and could get even stronger before tonight. The entire east coast is under threat and the Governor (as much as I hate him) has put all the resources imaginable into position, but folks need to take this serious. This is not a hurricane party, this is safety.

I have family in Volusia and Orange counties so I am very concerned for them and I know many here in the Bay area are the same. This storm is crazy and a lot of folks are coming this way to escape it. For an example, I went onto Expedia and searched hotels in the area for the weekend and page after page had they were all sold out. I have never seen that before, but it just shows you they type of impact this storm is having. Evacuate, hunker down and stay safe out there!