Fear and an SOS

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It’s all a little daunting.

I’m not afraid to admit, I have some fear. I have never booked any kind of trip like this before, especially to a foreign country. And with the possibility of traveling solo, I have legit fear so I felt it was necessary to put my thoughts into a blog and express what is running through my mind. Continue reading


What are food costs in Japan?

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(Image: japan-guide.com)

This quick blog is more of a question to those who have traveled to Japan than an actual update post. I am trying to prepare a budget and want to get an estimate of food costs in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, and possibly Kyoto). The trip will be 9 days in total, which includes the travel days, so I am estimating 27 meals (9 days, 3 meals a day). Of course there will be vending machine grabs for a quick snack of drink, etc. that will be extra, but I think 27 meals is a good starting point.

As for the amount per meal? Well this is where I did some help. I am estimating $15 per meal, bringing the food budget for the trip to $405 (27 * 15) and pushing it towards $450 to be overly prepared in case something costs extra or I want to buy something else. I want to be overly prepared so I don’t run out of money and come up short!

So my question is to those who have traveled to Japan, are the numbers good estimates? I know some meals will be cheaper than $15, but again, I’m trying to be overly prepared and want to price everything high and not come up short.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Small step forward

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Spent some time last night working on the budget for this trip. I have the airfare notes down and what airports are viable for this kind of trip, but more work has to be done and more decisions have to be made.

The decision between Osaka and Tokyo is looming now, but I still have more budget work to do before I can really get down to deciding which one will be the decision. Both are on the board at this stage and I feel I really need to get moving, I’ve fallen behind on my planning stages!

Declaration for Japan

It’s been years, a lot of years since I said I was going to Japan. I worked, planned, tried to save up the pennies, but it just never came to be. I have a million reasons but they all become excuses. I am writing this blog post more for myself and am screaming at myself from this day moving forward, YOU ARE GOING TO JAPAN IN 2017 AND NO MORE REASONS FOR NO.

I’m working, planning, saving, and will go to Japan in 2017. I turn 30 this year, have never been outside of the USA, and need to do this for myself. I want to get out, explore, and see another side of the world. I will fight, battle, and scrap my way to get there. This will happen whether I go with a group or I travel solo. I have no reason to put this off anymore, let’s do this.

How to figure Tokyo vs. Osaka

So as I said before a few blogs ago, I am still debating between Tokyo and Osaka. Both cities are amazing, both have their pros and cons and I’m still trying to figure out the winner of which city I’ll visit. So I’ve decided I’ll approach the decision (hello Lebron) at a different angle will create two lists of pros and cons of each city.

I’ll list out all the pros and cons for each city then put them side by side and see which one is the best deal and real winner. No matter which one I pick, I will be leaving something awesome out. If I pick Tokyo I’ll miss out on the temples and charm of Kyoto (along with Osaka). If I pick Osaka/Kyoto, I’ll miss out on Tokyo Tower, Akihabara, and other places like that. It won’t be easy and will probably take some time to map everything for both sides but it will be worth it. Let’s hope I make the right pick!