Pentatonix: Bohemian Rhapsody!

It’s been quite a while, but Pentatonix is back in action with a cover of the iconic rock song Bohemian Rhapsody. Their new EP is out and this is one of the 7 songs on the album, an album that is covering some classic and iconic songs from history. This song is just incredible. I still can’t believe 5 humans can make this kind of music. Trust me, I have seen them live in human, this is real, they are simply incredible talents.

Reaction: Pentatonix “Imagine”

Ah, Pentatonix is back! After some time and a much deserved break, my favorite band is back with a stirring rendition of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and as always, it pretty much perfect. The song itself is a wonderful message about how humans can do better in this world and the message that PTX sends during the song is a strong one. I can’t do it enough justice with my words so just watch and enjoy.

Pentatonix at it again

PTX hasn’t released a video in a while but the wait was worth it. A few days ago¬†they released a mash-up medley of songs from the group, Perfume. I will admit I know zero about this group except they are a group of three female vocalist from Japan. The song has a Daft Punk-feel to it with their wild outfits and make-up. They sound amazing as always and my favorite, Kirstie, looks gorgeous as always. I’m not sure about Mitch’s new bald style, but hey, everyone has their own styles.

Man, the blog has been on a serious Japan kick for the last few weeks. It’s almost fitting my favorite group would drop a Japanese medley song.

Pentatonix: Joy to the World

Pentatonix is back once again and as always, they killed it! PTX re-released their platinum Christmas album, That’s Christmas to me, with 5 bonus tracks for the holiday season and one is Joy to the World. Just listen and enjoy. I know it’s very early and Thanksgiving is not even here yet and I’m one of those people that hates the Christmas holiday creeping closer and closer to Halloween every year, but I can’t help but get into the Christmas spirit after listening to this song. It’s just so good.

Pentatonix: Where are you now? Music Video

OK, it’s been established that I love Pentatonix and can’t wait for their next album to come out in October. They have released two music videos, Cheerleader and Can’t Sleep Love, with both being amazing. Well, they are at it again with the cover of “Where are you now?” by Jack U featuring Justin Bieber. I was a little hesitant at first about this song because the original has a very techno beat and I’m just not a fan of Bieber. The song in general is OK, but not something I’m tuning in to listen to. But in typical PTX fashion, they turned this song into pure magic! The harmonies, the beats with the base line, and just their pure voices make it so amazing! This is just another masterpiece as they continue to blow us all away every time with their talent.

PTX: Can’t Sleep Love

PTX announced last week that their original album is coming out in October and I can’t wait. Well, they have released an original track from the album titled “Can’t Sleep Love” which was written all by them and it is amazing. The video is crazy along with their outfits, but it fits their style and the music is as always perfect. The harmonies, the beat, percussion are all on point and of course they are, its PTX. This is it folks, they are coming out with an original album with their own songs. The Grammy award winners, platinum and gold album winners, are now stepping up and taking another step into the music world. I am so excited to see this come together and I know the album will be amazing. Its amazing to think just a few years ago they were just high school students and young college kids on a sign off show and now they are touring the world. The best is yet to come for them.