Japan set to deploy largest warship

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Tensions are high in the Pacific Ocean between many countries. The Koreas are always busy, China is always in dispute claims across vast areas of the ocean and islands, and now, Japan is stepping up its presence by deploying its largest ship to the region in a show of power.  Continue reading


Japan moves further to end pacifism

I have touched on this topic before about Japan pushing to expand it’s military, the SDF (Self-Defense Forces), and now it appears it is getting closer to becoming a reality and many across Japan are not happy about it. Continue reading

Ukraine and Russia, how it affects Japan

Russia recently sent a large portion of its military into the Crimea region after the citizens of Ukraine ousted their former prime minister. Ukraine had rejected a deal with the EU, instead wanting to side more with Vladimir Putin and Russia, angering its citizens and sending them to the streets in protest. Things got ugly, lives were lost, and Russia, wanting to protect its citizens, bases, and stability in the area (there words, not mine) sent in the troops. At this stage, Russia hasn’t fired a shot but they aren’t leaving while the West, the United States, and power in Kiev want the Russians gone. Continue reading

Japanese government taking more action, but it’s not enough

It was reported last week that the Fukushima leaks are much worse than TEPCO had been reporting.  The contaminated water is now seeping into the underground water levels and making its way to the Pacific ocean.  I said the Japanese government needed to do more and they are.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the government was working on a plan, estimated around $470 million, to contain the leaking water in the plant area. There plan is to freeze the ground under the containers that are holding the water to make sure anything that leaks into the ground won’t be able to spread and reach to the ocean (although a lot already has).  Abe sounds like a smart guy, but I just wonder what has taken so long for them to take a big step like this is containing the leaks.  Why not reach out the world community?

It was mentioned the Governor of Tokyo still says Tokyo is safe and shouldn’t not take away from them trying to land the Olympics.  I think they need to wake up and focus everything on the crisis at hand and not worry about sporting events.