Japan: Institute for Nature Study

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Yeah, a nature preserve in the middle of a concrete jungle, the Institute for Nature Study sits right next to Meguro in Tokyo. This might be something to add to the Tokyo trip, if I ever get my butt moving and book it already!


Manic Monday: Things coming together


Here we go, the start of a very busy work/home week. Work wise, I’ll be attending some intense training during the week as my company moves over to new software. It should be interesting and I look forward to the new technology moving forward. But enough about that, on the home side of things, I am hoping that the financial side of my life becomes more clear and the eventual booking of Japan draws ever closer.

So what does that all mean? Well, this weekend had a lot of moving parts when it came to finances. Money moving to savings, money being added, and more being spent. I am hoping early in the week the banks and transactions will all catch up and I will have a better sense of what is left to save for Japan and where the savings plan for the new cell phone is going. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I am attempting to save my pennies away for a new phone, converting to the Iphone side of things after using an Android device for years. Yeah, lot of financial stuff going on, but it all goes toward the bigger plans months away.

Last call, Japan

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I have a lot of friends that are on social media that read this blog, so this is going out to them. If there is anyone out there that wants to team up with me in a trip to Japan in November, going to Tokyo for a week, let me know. I will do this trip solo, I am not worried about that and am prepared for it, but I want to at least extend the invitation out there once more.

I am looking to book this trip by the end of the month, so this is kind of short notice, but again, I have repeated it several times for anyone that wants to join me on this trip, it’s been out there for some time now. I will be extending it to other social media, but I wanted to at least create a blog for it.

So for the final time, if anyone wants to join me in Japan in November for an epic trip, let me know, let’s work it out!

TBT: Where the Japan trip started

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This takes me back.

So where did this Japan trip all start? Well, this thing goes all the way back to college in my freshman year with my hometown friend. Both of us wanted to visit Japan so we started planning the best we could for two college kids with no spending money and late to classes all the time. Yeah, we were truly invested (sarcasm here) in the trip (we had no idea what the hell we were doing). Continue reading