Change Coming to The Sports Corner

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The Sports Corner blog is going to be changing it up this week. All of the USF material is moving back to The Bull Rush site. I know, I can’t help myself no matter how hard I try. So what will become of the Sports Corner, well, it will simply just adjust a bit.

Let’s be honest, my care for the Bucs and Magic are very limited. There is enough Bucs talk on the internet and the Magic are just so bad I could care less. With that said, my second favorite team will be taking over for the Sports Blog, renaming it the Rays Corner. The blog will continue to be twice a week, Monday and Friday, and will simply recap the week in Rays baseball and will continue to talk about Durham since it seems half their roster is already now here in the big leagues. It’s a slight change, but the blog will remain on its usual schedule.


The Sports Corner: Busy weekend on the diamonds

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Here is latest Sports Corner blog and probably the last in its current state. I will have another blog later today to explain it all, but for now, here is the latest from all of the sports team I cover/follow along.  Continue reading

The Sports Corner: Jake Odorizzi to the DL

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Jake Odorizzi is on the 10-day DL with hamstring tightness.

There was a lot going on the diamonds for USF baseball, softball, and for the Tampa Bay Rays. Meanwhile the USF football team had its spring game in front of the home crowd at Corbett Stadium. Here is the latest in this Sports Corner.  Continue reading

The Sports Corner: Rays have a rough week

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Here we are, another busy week in sports. USF baseball and softball were in action through the week while the big club in town, the Rays, struggled on the road. In other news, the Orlando Magic’s season finally came to an end. Here is the latest Sports Corner.  Continue reading

The Sports Corner: USF and Rays successful on the diamonds

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USF softball, led by Kalen McGill and others, helped the Bulls to get out of the AAC basement.

The Bulls and Rays found a lot of success over the weekend on their respective diamonds. The USF softball team swept ECU to get back to .500 on the year in league play and out of last place in AAC. Meanwhile the Rays moved to 5-2, taking 3 out of 4 games against the Blue Jays. It was a solid weekend overall. And to cap it off, USF baseball swept their series and are now in 2nd place in the AAC standings.  Continue reading

TBT: The Andros Song

This TBT goes out to all my USF friends, followers, and fellow Bulls family. This is a TBT song that comes from my first year at USF and the annual talent show. This group put together one of the best R&B spoof songs of all time, the Andros Song, that explains how first dates usually went at USF. It was hilarious because the center of the song was good old Andros. Andros was a cafeteria on campus that was open late, but for the average college kid with no money, it may have been the only place to to take someone on a first date. Now a days Andros is under massive construction and the old dining hall is long gone, but this song will remain forever.