TBT: Yugioh cards!

Image result for blue ice white dragon vs. dark magician cards


Ah, here are some great memories for a Throw Back Thursday. The original Yugioh trading card game was a fun hobby as a kid. The show, which has gone through a lot of changes over the years, first aired on Fox (4Kids Entertainment) back in 2006. It was something so new that everyone fell in love with it and the merchandise.

The first decks of cards you could buy were either Kaiba’s and the Blue-eyes White Dragon set or the Yugi’s Dark Magician deck. Both were loaded with monster, magic, and spell cards from the show and led to a lot of fun duels with friends. As time went on there were other card sets that entered the market like Joey’s and there always the booster packs, but the original were Kaiba and Yugi. Personally I picked the Yugi deck because back in the day, Dark Magician was my favorite. It also had the Celtic Guardian, Curse of Dragon, and many other childhood favorites.

Ah, the good old days when beating your friends in a children’s card game meant everything.